Mohamad Najmudin

Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Janabadra


One long-term goal is always to be achieved by the marketers is to achieve customer loyalty, as well as certain and wanted to achieve sales continue to increase it. Some of the factors that affect the customer loyalty is the customer satisfaction, switching barriers and voice. So also the Islamic banking industry "relatively new" natural occurrence in Indonesia, the industry has continued to seek and hold first settled, what are the things that can retain customers and keep them loyal. The purpose of this research to find out whether customers of Islamic banks in Yogyakarta was loyal or not. The next thing is whether the going customer loyalty rate differences, seen from the various characteristics of the consumers. The results of this research show that customer loyalty has been reached, as seen from some of the characteristics of consumers such as gender, age, occupation and income distinction expressed no loyalty. Whereas the characteristics of education look there is a difference of loyalty.

Keyword: loyalty , customer satisfaction, loyalty, switching barriers and voice